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Transition Offense 2020-21

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Let's take a look at the Running Lanes, Read Progressions, and Teaching Points in our Transition Offense for the upcoming season.

I put together a short presentation on our Transition Offense to discuss Running Lanes, Read Progressions, and key Teaching Points as we approach the start of the 2020-21 season. Generally speaking we prefer to keep our teaching points and transition concepts simple. I believe that you generally succeed in transition with Foot Speed, Ball Speed, Great Spacing & Great Decision Making - not necessarily complicated action. So the teaching points and concepts we discuss in this post are the ones we will continually emphasize during the season. Most of what's in this post are topics I've discussed in previous posts. The one big difference you'll see from years past is the decision to go away from a Rim Runner Break and more towards a Two Side Break Spacing Plan.

Here is a link to the Presentation that I built this Blog Post from:

I - Running Lanes

Let's go over some of the main teaching concepts when it comes to Running Lanes in Transition. Perhaps the first point would occur as soon as we recover the basketball:

  • Find a Sideline!

As soon as we rebound, inbound, or recover the basketball we should be sprinting to the nearest sideline.

Once we are sprinting along a sideline we should abide to these next spacing principles:

  • Fill the Corners First

  • Fill the Wings Next

  • Last Man Across Trails to the Point (Mostly our 5 Man)

II - Makes & Misses

On Missed Shots we would really like to encourage players to BYOO (Be Your Own Outlet) - Especially when rebounds are recovered outside of the paint.

When should we outlet?

  • Non Ball Handler Rebounds

  • Rebound is Close to the Baseline

On Made Shots the transition spacing principles previously discussed all apply. The two automatics that should occur after all made shots are:

  • 5 Becomes the Inbounder

  • 1 Is the Outlet Man

III - Read Progressions

We want the person with the basketball to go through a "QB Like " Progression. In theory if the first read is not open then they should instinctively go to the second, etc.

The Progression Should Go:

  • Pitch the Ball Ahead

  • Attack the Rim with the Dribble

  • Play Through the Trailer

The Pitch Ahead can be to the Rim, up the Sideline, or to the Opposite Wing. One extra teaching point is that we would encourage the basketball to make the decision to pitch ahead before they cross half court.

Here are 5 Good Clips of Pitch Ahead Passes & Rim Attacks:

IV - The Trailer

Playing Through the Trailer is the last stage of Transition Offense. If the pitch Ahead Pass & Rim Attack were not available then we would want the basketball to go to the Trailer - entering us into Half Court Offense.

That pass to the trailer is generally the trigger that initiates offense. On the catch we would like him to think:

  • Shot/Drive First

  • Move the Ball into Offense Second

Here are 5 Clips from Last Season:

Concluding Thoughts -

Transition Offense is a great opportunity to get high value shots early in the shot clock. Lay-ups and Free Throws are the two highest efficiency shots we can get - and if we are maximizing spacing in this part of the game those shots will present themselves. It is also important that we finish our transition run with the spacing that we want in the Half Court. Achieving that seamless flow from Transition Offense to Half Court Offense will give us the best shot at getting a good shot without pressure from the shot clock.

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