Core Elements of Dribble Drive Motion

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Incorporate the core elements of the Dribble Drive Motion into your practices.

In designing a Dribble Drive Motion practice you must make sure to place an emphasis on the core elements of the offense. This is an offense that is looking to create double and triple gaps with its passing and cutting, and then attack those gaps with the dribble. So, from a player development perspective, we have to design our practice to reflect the types of skills needed to succeed with this style of play.

DDM Core Elements:

1. Dribble Attacks - Simple attacks techniques like hesitation, in & out & crossovers.

2. Dribble Stops - Techniques to stop on failed drives; stride stops, jump stops, &

bounce out dribbles.

3. Second Cutting - Reads & Rules for players when the ball has been stopped.

4. Help Defense Reads - Teach offensive players to read & react to help defense.

5. Drive & Space Reactions - Teach players to maximize their spacing when players

are driving to the rim.

6. Finishing - Give players options to use while finishing at the rim.

Many of these core elements can be combined into the drills and concepts we use in practice - but in order for us to succeed in this offense we must master these skills. As a Dribble Drive Motion team you must address these skills to some extent every day.

Breaking Down the Elements

Dribble Attacks

The Dribble Attack moves that we choose to teach are simple, subtle, and keep our players on a straight line to the basket. We do not want to give up any offensive advantage that our passing & cutting has given the offensive player by dribbling east and west. In theory all three of these dribble attacks are ways to create a small advantage vs a neutral defender.

1. Hesitation - Use a change of pace to allow the defender to relax, then re-attack.

2. In & Out - Get a defender to reaction to a potential crossover, then continue on

your direct path to the rim.

3. Crossover - Use to punish a defender who has over committed to your drive.

Dribble Stops

Teaching players Dribble Stop Techniques is a crucial element to avoid turnovers and allow for extra opportunities within the offense. Not all of our drives will successfully get to the r