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Dual Rim Runner Transition System

Use a pair of Rim Runners to constantly keep pressure on the rim in transition & flow directly into your four-out offense.

I'm a big proponent of making sure that your transition offense flows directly into your half-court offensive alignment. I just finished up what I think is my new favorite project; the Dual Rim Runner Transition System. In the post, I detailed my preferred method of designing a transition offense that utilizes a Rim Runner and connects cleanly to four-out offensive alignments.

  • 19 Page Blog Post Breakdown

  • Sections that discuss; Roles, Running Lanes, Read Progression & How to Flow into HC Offense

  • PDF Playbook of the Diagrams

  • "10 Transition Practice Drills" Playbook to help with the installation phase

The beauty of a Dual Rim Runner System is that we are constantly putting pressure on the rim with our (4,5) men - while also having the ability to flow into any offensive action you are using (Motion Strong, DDM, Traditional Motion, or even 3 Out Motion).

Check it Out!

Coach Lynch

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