Finishing School (III) - Progressions

Updated: May 25

In our final installment of the Finishing School series will we examine a potential progression of drills that can fine-tune a single finishing method. With each finish, we will follow an unguarded, guided defense, SSG, & Game Footage progression.

Sometimes during the course of a season, it makes sense to zero in one particular finishing method in practice. You can use all of the practice drills that we discussed in "Finishing School (II) - Practice Drills", but simply narrow your focus on one finishing technique. In your 'Finishing School' session create a 1/0, Guided Defense, and a Live 1/1 scenarios for your players to work on the technique. Hopefully, we will see scenarios later in practice where players will apply the technique in live play.

In part three of our Finishing School Series, we are going to look at potential ways in which to achieve this progression on the practice floor. Using some practice footage from this past season we'll look at practice progressions for using the Jump Stop, Stride Stop - Reverse Pivot, Extended Arm Finishes & Barkleys (Dribble Post Ups).


In a perfect world players would be able to get all the way to the basket on every dribble attack. In reality though good defensive teams will be able to shut off dribble penetration before it gets to the rim. On those occasions we are encouraging players to use a Barkley, as a finishing option. These are essentially a dribble penetration that turns into a post up opportunity. When a player is cut off right before the paint, the offensive player keeps his dribble alive, turns his back to his defender, and either scores or makes a pass.

Teaching Points for "Barkleys":

- Get Your Back Turned Quickly

- Ball is Your Outside Hand

- Eyes to the Inside

- Attack Middle, or Spin/Turn Baseline

Fast Draw Drill Diagrams (Barkleys)

Jump Stops

The two foot Jump Stop is probably the most common finish that we practice. It has a number of benefits in game scenarios, and it gives players the option to stop & pivot if the