Half Court Flow 2020-21

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

In this post, we will discuss the offensive concepts that our team will employ when no immediate shot comes out of transition.

Flow Offense is important to our offensive philosophy. Like many teams, our preference would be to push the basketball in transition and score before the defense is set. If that is not possible then we would like our players to be able to execute a few offensive concepts that do not require them to stop and "Run a Play". This aspect of Half Court Offense, which occurs after initial transition efforts are neutralized, is what we call Flow Offense.

What we are doing with Flow Offense is giving our players a basic structure and spacing template to play from, while allowing them to make reads and choices based on the defense's response. It is essentially a mix of structure and freedom. From a coach's perspective, we need to make it clear early in the preseason what triggers Flow Offense, what options the players have, and what reads they should look for. Let's take a look at what we're working on for this upcoming season.

I - Triggers & Half Court Spacing

One thing that will improve your Half Court Flow is focusing on getting your players to end their transition run in your Half Court offensive spacing. In our case, we would like our players to end their transition runs with this general five out spacing. We are keeping the middle of the floor open while stretching the defense both vertically and horizontally.

Half Court Spacing -

We are viewing are players 1-4 are interchangeable. Even though players are numbered and placed in these specific positions - any one of those players could potentially fill the corners, fill the high wing, or enter the basketball into the Half Court.

Basic Spacing Template -

  • Corners are Filled

  • Ball has entered in the Slot

  • Opposite High Wing Filled

  • 5 Man Fills the Point

Q. What if a Perimeter Player ran to the rim in transition?

A. Any player (5 Man included) who sees a chance to the run to the rim and receive a pitch ahead pass may do so. However, if they do not get the basketball we are asking our A) Perimeter Players to fill back out to the nearest corner, and B) our 5 Man to fill back out to the point.