Offensive Philosophy

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

If you were asked by an interviewer could you explain what your offensive philosophy is?

During the last few offseasons I have worked on creating a graphic that illustrates our offensive philosophy. This graphic would include our Pillars, Transition Principles, and Half Court Offensive approach. This Offensive Philosophy is not going to include set plays or some obscure offensive action that we use from time to time, but is a description of an offensive philosophy that is recognizable to players and coaches.

I am a strong believer in the idea that an Offensive Philosophy is not not something that we create on a graphic in preseason and never consult again.What we are listing as our Offensive Philosophy is going to be the guiding force for our practice plans and day to day habits.


Our offensive philosophy graphic begins with our pillars. The pillars are the things that our entire philosophy is built around. They are the most recognizable things about your program and the things that you build you consistently build your practice plans around.

If you're looking for more on this subject:

For our program we will attempt to place heavy emphasis on our four pillars:

1. Run - The concept that we are always looking to run after misses & makes.

2. Flow - We would like to seamlessly flow into our half court offense. No "Setting it Up".

3. Attack - We are looking to use to the first advantage to create a score.

4. Crash - We are going to attack the glass and achieve a 40% ORB Target

If we are going to list these aspects as pillars then it is essential that we are going to invest the practice time to truly make them a recognizable feature of our program.


Based on our own self study data, nearly 1/3 of your offense will most likely come in your transition offense. Given that frequency of those opportunities, becoming efficient in that area has become a high priority area in our philosophy. Over the past 4-5 months I have written extensively about our transition philosophy and desire to flow directly into our half court offense. I will simply leave the relevant links to previous blog posts on this subject below.

Phase #1: Pitch Aheads