Practice Concepts for Motion Strong

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I wanted to share one Practice Concepts from various aspects of the game to help you build Motion Strong action into your offense. We will cover Shooting, Transition, Small Sided Games & 5/5 Concepts.

I put together a post that I think will really benefit your Practice Drill Library. These are the practice concepts that we use almost daily in teaching the habits, reads, and options available in our Motion Offense.

I'm a big believer in keeping your practice drills simple and focusing in on the details (footwork, skills, reads) that will truly benefit your players in the game. Even if you don't use Motion Strong action in your offense I think you can take these practice concepts and adjust them to your specific actions.


"2/0 Straight Cut Shooting"

There are number of 2/0 and 3/0 drills we use to open practice that emphasize the shots players will be presented with in Motion Strong action. In the video we are taking turns working on 2/0 shooting and 3/0 Straight Cut, Drive & Space Kickouts.

  • Far Side - 2/0 Straight Cut Shooting

  • Near Side - 30 Straight Cut, Drive & Kick Shooting


"5/3 Touch"

This is a fairly common transition drill for teams to conduct. When we use it the intent is on both transition defense and flow offense.

Defensively we are selling out to take away the basket. Offensively that presents an opportunity to pitch the ball ahead (hopefully thwarted by the Defense). This now creates the moment that we want..... the offense being forced to "flow" into their half court offense.

I prefer to simply "take notes" on that possession and let them play it live down the other end & back before I will chime in with my opinion.

Small Sided Games

"4/4 Cut Throat - Stagger"