Rim Runner Scores

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In this post we're going to take a look at two ways for the Rim Runner to score in Early Offense; Runs Outs & Post Ups.

Using your Rim Runner in transition is a great way to create scoring opportunities early in the shot clock. Typically this is done with a single player (5 Man) or with a tandem (4/5 Men). The singular goal for the Rim Runner is to sprint to the front of the rim as fast as possible. If the defense is slow to react to his run then the big will be rewarded with a layup. If the defense does react and beat him to the block - it is his responsibility to make physical contact and carve himself out position.

In 2016-17 we had two very good Rim Runners and due to their efforts running the floor we were able to routinely get transition scores in two ways:

  1. Pitch Ahead - Run Outs

  2. Pitch Ahead - Post Ups

Pitch Ahead - Run Outs

As soon as the rebound is secured the Rim Runner sprints to the basket looking for the Pitch Ahead pass.

In most of the clips we used our 4/5 men were serving roles as dual Rim Runners - whoever was ahead of the pack sprinted to the rim. The other 4/5 man would then trail.

Even if the 4/5 Rim Running does not get the ball they created opportunities for the players behind them. Perhaps it was a shot for the Trailer or a driving lane for the basketball. By executing a simple role well the Rim Runners were able to create easy scores with their effort.

Pitch Ahead - Run Outs

Pitch Ahead - Post Up

Once the Rim Runner has sprinted ahead looking for the layup he then gets to the Ball Side Block for the Post Entry Pass.

If you do not have a good post player perhaps he could slip away to the block opposite the basketball after his rim run. However, for a good post player the flash to the ball side block is now another quick opportunity to get a deep post touch before the help is set.

If the wing player does not have a shot or drive he needs to check the post first before passing and initiating half court offense. These clips are all examples of Pitch Ahead - Post Ups in the first 6 seconds of the shot clock.