Identifying DDM Skills

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Identify the skills necessary to excel in your offensive system and incorporate them into your skill development portions of practice.

Developing the skills necessary to excel within your offensive system is perhaps the most important thing coaches will accomplish on the practice floor. If our goal is to make our practices as efficient as possible then we should probably start by digging into game film and determining what skills are essential to improving our performance. Then we must make time in our practice plans to develop those skills. Once that is done we can plan our practices around building those skills.

During the 2016-2018 seasons we moved away from a more traditional motion offense to more of a dribble-drive motion style offense. We placed a heavy emphasis on the use of dribble handoffs, blur screens, and creating double gaps to attack. After adjusting our scheme we then had to identify which skills were essential to succeed in that type of system. The skills that we decided to invest in heavily were:

  • Dribble Attack Technique

  • Dribble Stop & Retreat Technique

  • Finishing at the Rim

  • Quick Pitch Passing & Shooting

These skills would become a key component of our practice plans and were typically used in a progression format. They would be introduced on-air, then applied with guided defense and small-sided games. In the end, the hope was that players would be able to recognize, apply, and then execute those skills in the game environment.

I - Dribble Attacks

Being able to execute simply attacking moves off the dribble is an essential skill for scoring in dribble drive motion. Whether we are in transition or in the half-court we are trying to create double gaps for the basketball to attack into. Whenever we have a defender that is isolated in the middle of the floor we want players to use a simple dribble attack to collapse the defense. The three Dribble Attacks we are teaching:

  1. In & Out Dribble

  2. Hesitation Dribble

  3. Crossover

Practice Drill -

"1/1 Dribble Attacks":

Here is a simple drill that combines Dribble Attacks and Finishing at the Rim. The two versions represent two common scenarios:

  • Isolated Defender

  • Aggressive Defender