Slot to Wing DHO

The Slot to Wing DHO entry into Motion Offense can present teams with a number of scoring opportunities.

My personal preference is to run an offense that relies on the reads of our players. There is so much in the game in which we can not control that it seems obvious that implementing an offense in which the players can freely make decisions based on the defense makes sense.

One concept that I have implemented within our Motion Offense is the Slot to Wing DHO. In theory we would like to make our initiating slot to slot pass. However, if that pass is not available we want to be able to easily flow into our offense with another entry. In this instance we would simply conduct the slot to wing DHO and enter our half court offense seamlessly.

In this post I wanted to present some examples of how that might look - and some options that might be available to the offense:

A. Attack the Gap

The action starts with a slot to wing dribble handoff. the receiver (2) then immediately looks to attack the gap that has been created by the action.

As simple as this action is there will undoubtedly be opportunities for the ball handler to attack the basket.

On the catch all of our players should be undergoing the same thought process on each touch.

Read Progression:

  1. Shot

  2. Drive

  3. Pass

For our players this is the typical decision progression when a player touches the basketball. Here is an example of a catch and basket attack.

DHO - Attack Gap

B. DHO - Post Entry

In 2016 we had an elite post player so the slot to wing DHO followed by a post entry was a staple of our half court offense.

On the catch that wing player would either make the decision to attack the gap or enter it into the post.


  1. Defender Plays Behind

  2. Switch Occurs

If either of these action occur then it is an easy read to immediately enter the ball into the post.

DHO - Post up

DHO - Post Up, Back Door

C. DHO - Hit the Trailer

The Progression of the action would move towards the trailer. In most cases this would be our "4 Man", but on occasion it would be our "5 Man" due to Rim Runner assignments.

Read for our Trailer:

  1. Shot

  2. Post Entry

  3. Move It

The trailing player would be looking to score first, pump it into the post second, and then third move it to the next man.

Often time what they did depended on the skill of our 4 man, but the progression would look 1) self, 2) post, 3) backside.

DHO - Trailer, Shot

DHO - Trailer, Post