Special Situations: BLOB Box Series

The Box Alignment provides coaches with endless options to put pressure on the defense in Baseline Out of Bounds scenarios.

The Box Formation is one of the most popular alignments for Baseline Out of Bounds sets across the game. Like the majority of coaches who answered my poll question, I have used the Box Formation as the basis for our Baseline Out of Bounds actions more than any other. One of the reasons I have done this is the benefit of being able to run multiple concepts without giving away what will be run by alignment. Whether our best scorers have been post players, shooters, or slashers there are easy ways to flow into actions that emphasize their games out of the box formation.

One of the more interesting concepts that I have discovered is the use of an Odd, Even, & Zero system of play calling. In this system, we let the time clock determine which play we will run, adding an element of disguise and taking the burden of play-calling out of my hands. On occasion, I may call a specific action, especially late in the game, but over the last four seasons, we have used this concept fairly consistently.

As you will see below I named the sets to reflect when they would be run in the game. From a strategic standpoint, each of these plays was designed to emphasize the strength of our personnel. In this post, we will break down the reads and options in four Box Sets that we have used over the years.

Box Series, "Even" -

This is a classic Baseline Out of Bounds concept that works well versus Man or Zone Defenses. In theory, we are trying to get our best Post Player and Best Shooter involved in a two-man action. This action can give a good shooter a clean look at the rim, but the combination of a good post player and the shooter makes this action becomes very difficult to guard.

Even -

Corner Entry:

The action starts with the 5 man popping to the corner and receiving the entry pass.

As this happens:

- 1 Moves to the Outlet

- 2 Walks to the Block