Summer Clinic - Plans & Schedule

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Unfortunately we had to cancel our annual Summer Basketball Clinic due to the current health situation. To fill the void this week I thought I would put together a Blog Post that highlights how our week typically runs.

Our 'Leicester Basketball Clinic' is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Each Summer on the third week of July we run a four day clinic that goes from 8 am -2 pm each day. The Clinic is open to Boys & Girls entering grades 1-10 with the vast majority of campers coming from our town. I always think that the Clinic represents a unique environment that includes beginner players, casual players, and players who are serious about improving their game. Perhaps one of the best parts of the clinic is that we usually 2-4 Varsity players who volunteer their time to help out.

In this post I thought we would dive a little deeper into how we organize, advertise, schedule & run the clinic.

Organizing & Advertising

I would argue that that the work you put into organizing & advertising the clinic is the most important factor in achieving a successful week. For a Clinic that will run in July I usually begin my prep work right before April Vacation hits. There are dozens of things you will have to cross off your master list before camp week begins & you can't wait until June to do it.


This is a short list of organizational items that need to be squared away well in advance of the clinic dates:

  • Reserving Your Gym / Outdoor Grounds

  • Securing Insurance (When Needed)

  • Finding Dependable Coaches

  • Preparing Flyers, Clinic Advertisements

  • Purchasing Necessary Equipment

  • Ordering Trophies, T-Shirts, etc.

I have found that the earlier you get these items crossed off your list the more smoothly those first days of the camp will run.


Advertising for your camp is a must, especially when you are just starting out. There is a lot of competition when it comes to Summer activities. Beach Days, Vacations, Larger College Camps, and other sports are all vying for the attention of young athletes. Parents need to know the details well in advance (price, dates, times, location, etc).

Three Essential Advertising Components:

  • Digital & Physical Brochure

  • Social Media - (Get info Out)

  • Email List of Previous Attendees

I try to get copies of our brochures to every eligible student in the district, send out a few emails to past attendees, and then schedule weekly advertisements on our Social Media accounts.