Thoughts on Offense - P1

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

In this post we'll discuss some general thoughts about offense.

Earlier this week I tweeted out a list of ten of my beliefs on the offensive side of the ball. I wanted to put them in blog form to keep them in one place. Here's the list with some commentary that I couldn't fit into tweet form.

1. Look for Edges

This was more of a thought about what we should focus on offensively in the off season months.

Rather than revamping your entire half court offense, perhaps a more worthwhile endeavor would be to find the little edges that we are missing out on in games. With more emphasis on a concept, or more focused teaching in a certain area we might make up 3-4 points per game.

For example maybe we do deep dives into:

  • Transition Run Outs

  • Pushing More on Makes

  • More Efficient / Simpler BLOB's

  • Our Finishing, Skill Work

2. Players Make Plays

In a perfect world we would be able to put 5 play makers on the floor who would all be able to score, finish, & make plays for others. In reality, that's rarely the case.

Most years you have teams in which you have solid players, but ones who often need an action or your Best Players to create advantages for them.

That reality is what spawned this thought. We need to design offensive systems that will allow our best players to "do what they do" best. Just to be clear I'm not saying that we should change who we are every single season - I'm just saying that if there is a small tweak we can make that will open up the skill set of our best scorers then we should do it.

3. Make Sure to Design Offensive Spacing

I'm sort of building off of number two here - in that we need to design spacing for our "players to make plays".

Your best player (scorer) will be the number one priority for your opponent's defense. Knowing this, we need to build spacing into our offense in order for that player to make plays for himself & others.

This can be done in a myriad of ways:

  • False Movement to free him up

  • Cuts that Open Gaps