Thoughts on Offense -P2

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Let's continue to discuss our list of 10 "Thoughts on Offense" - now for numbers six through ten.

In the last post we discussed Offensive Thoughts numbers one through five, which included thoughts about Spacing, Your Best Players, Disguising Actions, etc. If you want to check out part one before jumping into part two click the link below.

Let's get after the second half.

6. Work on Your Flow Offense

To me a "Flow Possession" is one in which you attempted to push the basketball but no shot emerges. From there, can you players now seamlessly enter their half court offense without allowing the defense to rest?

This is something that will occur a dozen times or more throughout the course off the game.

If a faster "pace of play" is not something your team values that perhaps this is a point that can be ignored. However, for those teams that value pace of play - being able to flow right into their half court offensive actions is a must.

Against the best teams in your league you are not going to be getting lay ups in transition - but there are still opportunities in early offense than can be had - we train our teams how to hunt for them.

7. Teach Reactions Over Patterns

This is simply my own personal preference, but I do think in the heat of the moment players who are taught reactions over patterns will make better choices.

In any Screener / Cutter action I would like the Cutter thinking that his cut in one that will elicit a score. In turn this will allow the Screener to counter his action with a "Scoring Cut" as well.

In my opinion this puts the maximum amount of pressure on the defense. Where predetermined cuts and movement can afford the defense an opportunity to prepare ahead of time.

In addition, basketball is a game in which the coach only has so much control. They can not stop the action and huddle between every possession. Players inevitably need to know how to counter defensive pressure (or lack of pressure) and act appropriately. Offenses that can do this will be more likely to reach their ceiling than not.

8. Don't Neglect to Teach Off Ball Spacing

Naturally our teaching (and attention) is drawn to the basketball and where it goes.