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Youth Curriculum (1-3)

A detailed 8-Week plan for a Grades 1-3 Youth Basketball Program, complete with practice plans, a drill library, and a Skills & Scheme Checklist for each grade.

For the past few years, I have had the opportunity to run our town's Grade 1-3 basketball program. One of my goals this offseason was to create a guide that could be used by coaches and league directors to run their own programs. The way that I run my program is to have one-hour sessions once a week for 10 weeks, the first two weeks serve as a way to get to know the kids and assess their skills, and the rest of the schedule follows a similar format:

  • 30 minutes of skill building

  • 30 minutes of gameplay

For this Youth Curriculum product, I essentially took the concepts that I have used myself and created a master plan that can be easily followed. With the purchase of this product you will get a "Skills & Sheme" checklist for each grade, a "PDF Drill Library Playbook" that details over 17 different practice concepts, 8 Practice Plan Graphics that can be distributed to coaches, and an 8-week Master Schedule detailing which concepts to use.

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