Coaches Roundtable

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

High School Coaches from across the nation elaborate of what they are passionate about, what they want to take "deep dives into", and what they have pulled out of their own professional development.

When brainstorming Blog Topic Concepts for this offseason I stumbled upon the idea of a Coaches Roundtable. I wanted to pick the brains of a few High School Coaches on their thoughts on a number of topics. I was lucky enough to get four other coaches to join me in discussing what part of the game they're passionate about teaching, what 'deep dives' they are making this offseason, and what aspects of their coaching they have adjusted over the years.

Our collection of coaches cover five different states, both the girls and boys games, and have coaching experience at all levels:

Jamie Smith (@ffshooters) - Girls Varsity Coach at Solon High School, Iowa

Ryan Smith (@r_b_j_c) - Boys Varsity Coach at Choudrant High School, Louisiana

Jon Watters (@CHSLadyHuskies) - Girls Varsity Coach at Chapin High School, Texas

Jonathan Toczynski (@J_Toczynski) - Boys Freshman Coach at Bergen Catholic, NJ

#1. What is the Basketball Topic you are most Passionate about? How did that come to be?

Jamie Smith @FFShooters


Without a doubt it is shooting. I believe this is the most important fundamental in basketball. I also think it's the most neglected fundamental in the game of basketball. It does not matter what offense you run if you can’t shoot the ball you won’t score. For me this became relevant to me 15 years ago when I always found myself saying “We can’t shoot it”.

Jon Watters @CHS Lady Huskies


I love all things Offense. I know that sounds broad at first, but ever since I started coaching it’s been my obsession. I’ve evolved significantly in my beliefs on offense, but I haven’t lost my drive to get our program to perform at a high level. Earlier as a head coach I was so consumed with Offense that even though I had delegated defensive responsibilities my attitudes were rubbing off on our players, so I’ve had to do better with that. But I am obsessed with making sure our offense can compete with anyone.

Ryan Smith @R_B_J_C