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Movable White Board Pieces

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I thought this would be a fun project to add to the blog - for $10 you can create your own moveable white board pieces and diagram your summer away.

One of my favorite new follows this offseason is Chris Dorsey, the Head Coach at Centenary College in Louisiana. During this quarantine he has been posting tons of breakdowns on 5 Out offensive actions. I would highly recommended checking out his Clinic on 5 Out Modern Offense - its really good.

In most cases he is doing this with the help of a whiteboard with movable pieces. I loved the idea of making one of these on my own and using to talks things out, make blog posts, etc. So I made that my project for this weekend.


For the pieces I thought it would be pretty easy to simply grab a package of small furniture sliders. I found a package of 16 for like 5$ figuring I'd probably mess up a few of them.

I thought about painting them but thought I'd be way easier to just take a few colored sharpies and just color them in (Orange, Red, & Black). I had all these at home anyways.

Then I thought it would be easier to grab some of those small letter stickers for $3 instead of painting numbers on as well.

I ended not screwing up too bad - I made 7 black colored sliders to represent our team, and then seven red colored ones to represent opponents. I also took two and made them into basketballs so I talk out some two ball shooting drills.

Good Luck & Tweet Me yours if you do your own!

Concluding Thoughts

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