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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Put together an organizational document where you can gather only the best resources you uncover this offseason.

I got a chance to read a good blog post last night on the incredible 'Information Overload' that many coaches are finding themselves in at this moment. The amount of information sharing, free clinics, free resources, etc. that coaches are providing during this lockdown are overwhelming. There are some really good points that Kyle Brown makes in his blog post but one that really stuck out to me was, "having information that you can not find easily can not help you." I think there is some real truth to this and I thought I would put together something that I could use to aid that very issue.

I put together a resource organizer that coaches can you to put together the best resources they discover in a single place:

Two things to consider:

1. Only add things that fit into our Game Model

2. Once Full: If you Add a Resource, you must Subtract a Resource

Resource Organizer Link:

Concluding Thoughts -

Make sure to check our Kyle Brown's Blog Post as it was the inspiration for creating this document. Hopefully this will help coaches organize the information they have found already this offseason - and then filter out the information they find from here on out.

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