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Roster Construction

Had a chance to talk about tryouts & roster construction with Assistant Coach at Bob Jones University Tony Miller on his "Quick Time Out" Podcast.

I have always been a big fan of Coach Miller and his efforts to share the game on social media - if you don't already make sure to follow @TonyWMiller on Twitter when you get the chance.

Earlier this Fall I had a chance to talk to Coach Miller on his "Quick Timeout Podcast" about the subject of Roster Construction & Tryouts. We discussed lots of topics including;

  1. What we're looking for as Coaches

  2. What our "Tryout Practices" look like

  3. What our Cuts & Evaluations look like

  4. What we need to get done before Game #1.

Check it Out, Would Love Feedback:

Concluding Thoughts

Tryouts and deciding who gets to make the roster and who gets cut is literally the worst part of coaching - and it isn't even close. If most coaches are like myself that have a burning desire to make players feel wanted & give them a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, one of the problems with basketball is that we are not always able to do that.

As we approach the 2020 preseason I am beginning to have this overwhelming sense of anxiety that our team won't get the opportunity that they have been waiting for. Life is not always fair - but I am holding out hope that we will be able to get this 2020 squad a chance to play ball.

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