3 Drills for the 'Tagging Up' System

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Like many coaches I have plans to implement the 'Tagging Up' offensive rebounding system. In this system we are going to buck the current trend of sending everyone back on defense, and place a high emphasis on attacking the offensive glass. Of course we also want to place our players in a position to 'Tag Up' or 'Match Up' with a player immediately as to not negatively affect our transition defense. This is a method that I have studied in depth this offseason and am very excited to introduce to our players this winter. If you are interested in our 'Offensive Rebounding Study' and details about the system please read my blog post from earlier this Spring.


In this blog post I wanted to share three practice drill ideas that I plan on using next season to emphasize this concept. In each of the drills I am hoping to drive home two basic goals; 1) The techniques of 'Getting to the High Side' & 'Pinning our Man' and 2) 'Tagging up' with a man immediately. By placing emphasis on these two aspects I am hoping to both improve our offensive rebounding and reduce our opponents transition opportunities.

1/1 Technique

In the 1/1 Technique Drill we would be trying to get players to develop good Offensive Rebounding habits from typical spots on the floor. Given that we run a 4 Out, 1 In offense; rebounding from the Drop Spot, Corner, Slot & High Post become the most typical areas in which we would start a crash. In this drill the defense passes the ball to the coach and then has to attempt to box out the offensive player.

One organizational note that I thought might help those programs that have assistant coaches is to have a group of 'forwards' that might go down one end of the floor and work from the drop spot and the high post. This way another coach could work with guards and rep the more common corner and slot starting points.

Teaching Points:

A) Harp on Players fighting to "50/50" and doing it on the 'High Side' not the Baseline.

B) Players crashing from the Slots need to 'Pin' their Defenders.

3/3 Closeouts

The 3/3 Closeouts drill would present a 'Closeout' scenario where the offense would get a shot to start the repetition. On the shot this drill would present the offense with a rebounding opportunity from the corner and the slot. Once again the teaching points from above would apply: