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Coach Unplugged Podcast

Had a chance to sit down with Coach Steve Collins on his Coach Unplugged Podcast - We talked Practice Planning, Creating a Drill Library, and Much More.

The subject of practice planning is one that I have written about in the blog many times. Getting into the gym and putting together a practice plan that improves the players and our team has to be the aspect of coaching I enjoy the most. Over the Summer I had sometime to sit down with Steve Collins - the founder of and the Coach Unplugged Podcast.

In our conversation we touched on many different Practice Planning ideas and best practices - including the idea of a Drill Library and what a typical practice of mine would look like.

The Drill Library -

Developing your own Drill Library and then using that to form your daily practice plan was a big talking point in our discussion.

I actually just put together a blog post last week that included a Google Doc Template and some explanations on how I delegate time between phases of the game.

'Drill Library Blog Post'

Check it Out:

Here are the Episode Links:

Coach Unplugged Episode Part 1 -

Coach Unplugged Episode Part 2 -

Coach Collins also runs his own Coaching Membership Group at that has a ton of resources available - take a look.

Concluding Thoughts

I think one of my biggest takeaways from this topic is to make the Practice Planning and simple and streamlined as possible. Keeping your drills consistent - but also easily "loadable" as your season advances will go a long way. Taking the time to put together a drill library and practice guide in the offseason will save you a ton of stress in the busiest weeks of the season.

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