Get the Most out of Social Media

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

These are my five keys to getting the most out of your Social Media account as a Coach.

Any coach who is plugged into social media knows that there are tons of benefits but some very clear pitfalls. On the positive side social media provides an excellent vehicle to connect with fellow coaches as well as providing endless streams of debate, information, and strategy. On the negative side it can create a "Fear of Missing Out", provide conflicting information, and in some cases cast doubt in your beliefs. After using social media fairly heavily over the last four years I think I have developed a short list of "keys" that will help get the most out of this platform.

1 - Don't be Afraid to be a Consumer

This may be a key that only applies to a small population of coaches on Social Media - however I think it's an important one. Even the most successful coaches can benefit from becoming the consumer every once in a while. Perhaps there is a coach out there that you can learn a new concept from, or a coach that can help reinforce one of your core beliefs. Observing how someone else uses different teaching methods or how they deliver their own content could be a great way to improve your own instructional practices through social media. The main idea for this key is that we shouldn't be afraid (or be too proud) to be a consumer.

These are a few of my favorite things I've consumed this offseason:

2 - Be Your Own Filter

Information Overload is a real thing and I truly believe that this has happened to every single person who actively uses social media. This year's quarantine spawned an endless stream of Web Clinics, Blog Posts, Videos, Playbooks & Shared Content. Which has been amazing, but at the same time has been overwhelming.

The best advice I have to combat this is to simple become your own filter. It is impossible and unnecessary to watch, read, research or listen to everything that is out there. We must simply figure out the few systems or concepts you want to investigate or master and then ignore the rest. Coaches must realize that there are no "right answers" out there - there are just simply options that we can choose from.

3 - Try to Produce Your Own Content

I truly believe that one of the best professional practices a coach can do is to produce their own content. This type of project is not only going to give you a valuable resource but will also help clarify your own vision. In the process of creating your own content you will most likely conduct a number of beneficial studies:

  • Putting together film clips

  • Clearly Lay Out Teaching Points