Special Situations: SLOB into Half Court Offense

Updated: May 27

Talking through my approach to Sideline Out of Bounds scenarios and ways to flow directly into Half Court create actions.

My general approach to Sideline Out of Bounds opportunities is to get the ball inbounded safely and then flow directly into our main offensive action. In most cases, a SLOB possession means that we have already used a portion of the shot clock. Since we are using a 30-second shot clock in Massachusetts we don't want to waste much time in trying to create an advantage. Where the create action we flow into might change a bit from year to year my emphasis on getting the ball inbounded simply and safely has stayed the same.

Inbounding from the sideline can be tricky, and the one thing we do not want in these scenarios is turnovers. Turnovers on Sideline out of Bounds are especially bad because they almost always lead to easy fast-break baskets for our opponents. With that in mind, we want to use our spacing wisely and create easy decisions for our inbounder and our screener/cutter combination. There are endless options that coaches can use to get the ball inbounded, but we find that a simple cross-screen at the top of the key gives us enough spacing to receive the basketball and also counter any denial-based defense. In this post, we are going to look at the three different ways that we can flow directly into half-court offense from Sideline Out of Bounds.

SLOB Options
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